Fund Raiser - Bowman Drones

Fund Raiser - Bowman Drones
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We offer a series of different FUND Raising Events - Typically these are held on Saturdays or Teacher Work Days. These events are based on 50 - 50 splits of the profit allocated to the event.

Two main types Kids Battle Robots and Drone Competitions. Typical Day is

8:00 Cafeteria Set up 9:00 Training of Volunteers Table Techs Referees Check In 10:00 Students Arrive Check In 10:15 Kick Off 10:30 First Robot 11:30 First trial Battle 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Modify Robots 01:00 Second trial Battle 01:30 Last Modifications 02:00 Final Play-off Battles and Judging 02:15 Awards and Pick-up 02:30 Check Presentation 02:30 Adults Leave

Additional opportunities for organizations like PTA/PTO, Robots Clubs and other Organizations this includes Pizza and Drinks, Pictures, Early and Late check in. Please talk to our representative for other ideas.